Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm a High -Definition Trash Picker

The Best of the Worst TV Shows this Season:

The Hills

Boring Lauren and her boring gang take on LA...yawn!
But I do think LC is a boring beauty

Maui Fever

The sleeziest and juiciest new drama since Laguna Beach.

Watching the stoners is kind of fun!

Top Design

This is nowhere near Top Chef or Project Runway...but I still watch!

I hardly care who wins!

The Apprentice

I don't even watch this at all but I love this picture!

I want that sweater..WTF!

Gumby rules!

What are your favorites?
Don't be embarrassed...we all love it!


LA said...

Of those, I've only seen The Hills, and I thought it sucked hard. The "bad show" I watch is Desperate Housewives. It's craptastic, but I always tune in while I'm waiting for Brothers & Sisters to come on.

That Gumby sweater is hysterical!

PixieGaf said...

I must admit I saw a few episodes of The Hills and I was a little pissed off. I hate those stupid rich girls because I am jealous that the have it so easy living off of daddy's money while I have to actually work my way through college.