Friday, March 31, 2006

Tweet of the Day for Norm

OK Norm, you made me laugh with the Old Coot remark on your you get the honor of ...The American Coot!

I am sure you have all encountered many at your local park,mixing with the ducks.

I have to say, their feet are rather intriguing...Check those big paddles out!

Sharpie Mini...

I'm liking the sharpie mini...I hook it onto my whistle at work and I am ready to write up colorful discipline notices like there is no tomorrow! Heeee...I am teasing, but I do like the sharpies...good colors nowadays!

And speaking of colors...this a a PAPER PLATE rainbow Just wow. Why would anyone want one of those? Well, it is colorful!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tweet of the Day for Ffleur

Canada Goose

They are so sweet and I love the way that they fly in V formation.
The reason that they do this is to cut the wind resistance. They switch off the lead so that everyone has it hard for awhile and then get to take it easy for a bit. They migrate very long distances.
Very democratic, no?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Heart Infomercials

Infomercials are so odd.
I mean who watches a 30 minute commercial for crap you never knew you needed.
But sometimes you get sucked in and can't look away. At least I do.
Have you ever bought anything off of one?
I am embarrassed to say that I have!
The SpinSpa! It seemed like a cool skin exfoliator!
But it was cheaply made and ended up being a money-taker :(

I especially like to watch the Magic Bullit chopper, the spacebag, the Gazelle (strictly for laughs), and the Bare Essentials makeup.

Damn, I have no life!

What are your favorites?

Tweet of the Day for Joy

Isn't this guy unreal?

He is called the painted bunting..
I've never seen one live in the field, maybe someday.

(And yes,Joy it is really me :) )

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ambien Makes You Act the Fool

Ambien May Prompt Sleep-Eating

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK, March 15, 2006
(CBS/The Early Show)


"I would wake up in the morning and there would be candy wrappers all around the bed. There would be crumbs in the bed. There would be all kinds of evidence that someone had been eating in the bed. But I had absolutely no recollection of it."
Brenda Pobre, who says Ambien caused her to eat while sleeping. She says she gain more than 100 pounds as a result.

(CBS) Some people don't just walk in their sleep, they eat as well.

As sleep disorders go, it's one of the more bizarre, observes CBS News Correspondent John Blackstone.

He says Dr. Mark Mahowald and other sleep researchers have discovered that nocturnal eating may be a side effect of the popular sleep medication, Ambien.

That comes on the heels of reports that some Ambien users may drive while sleeping.

Mahowald, who's medical director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center in Minneapolis, tells Blackstone, "We've had people eat very inappropriate things that they would never eat while awake. Some example would be buttered cigarettes, salt sandwiches, raw bacon."

And sleep-binging could leave its mark – on waistlines.

"I put on over 100 pounds since I've been on Ambien," says Brenda Pobre, who couldn't figure out why she was gaining so much weight.

Mahowald points out that, "Sleep and wakefulness can occur simultaneously. Everybody thinks the brain is either all awake or all asleep, and that's not true. The brain can be literally half awake and half asleep."

Ambien's maker issued a statement saying the side effect is known but rare, and that "when taken as prescribed, Ambien is a safe and effective treatment for insomnia." The side effect is disclosed in the product's labeling material.

This guy is sleep eating

I heard on the radio that one man caught his wife mowing the lawn at one am

Sleep driving scares me!

The culprit!

And one lady said she had the best sex with her husband while he was whacked on Ambien and he didn't even remember.

All this makes me laugh so hard,I don't know why! It is unreal.
It is freaky.
And I will never take Ambien..I know I will be the dork driving down the 405 , smoking a cig(I quit 8 years ago), eating a Double Cheeseburger with some guy on my lap! Oh and then I'll go home and mow the lawn! And I will sleep through the whole thing and not remember. HA!

Ambien lawyers:this is just a joke :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hooray for all things green (and drunk), b'gosh!

Remember the McDonald's Shamrock Shake? YUM!

Cute wee green Parrot

Shamrock baby shoes in Irish Beleek China

Painting by Warhol

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy St Patty's.
Have fun!

the bird
♧♧♧ And, yes, I know it has only been one day since announced "break". I just can't keep away!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Short Hiatis

Hi Ya'll!

Sorry I haven't been around so much lately. :(

Work is always really busy right now as well as working on the house.
I'll be popping in to see you every so often and doing some posting here and there!

Off to grade papers.

"See" you soon.

As Simple Minds would say: "Don't you forget about me,,lalala lala laala"

Saturday, March 11, 2006

They All Wish

look at me I'm Sandra Deeeeeeeee

Tweet of the Day

The Black Phoebe

This cutie is a flycatcher and is not shy.
He will perch on a branch or stump, fly to search for bugs and then re-perch. Makes for an easy and breathtaking bird-watching target.
Super Cute!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Elementary School Talent Show

Ohhhhhhh I wait for this every year: Dances to the Cheetah Girls, Recorder playing, Corny jokes!

Loves it !

But this year my worst, most misbehavin', troublemakers are doing a rendition of STOMP

They are so talented!

Yet so starts young, doesn't it?

Update: I went last night and they stole the show. Woohooo!

FYI: Good Cause --- in my opinion

Heifer International

Heifer provides animals to third world countries in order to give the people a means to survive!

Choose the Cutie

One of these made me throw up...guess who?
(And it wasn't the pussy cat!)

Who Wore It Best?

Yeah, the ACTUAL Peacock looks best to me, too!

Quick Question

I usually use a mac and use Safari as a browser and I like the look of the birdblog with all the sidebar stuff on the right side.

But when I view it on the Mac with Explorer it is all vertical with all the "sidebar" stuff at the bottom.I hate that.
How do you see it?

Sorry to bug y'all!

Muchas Gracias.