Friday, February 09, 2007

This is So Old but then So Am I

Did you ever watch Top Chef?

I was obsessed!

I wanted Sam to win;he seemed like the better and most creative chef by far!

I hated Ilan..he was such an immature ass..and a so-so chef.

Even the socially-retarded Marcel would have been better.


LA said...

I never watched that one, Bird. You missed my brush with reality TV this past summer when I was obsessed with Rockstar Supernova.

bird said...

omg, LA, you would have loved this.
I think you are the type of girl who likes fine, creative food....

It is sooooooooooooo humiliating that I like this!

I never did watch RockStarSuperNova.
Heard it was good, though!
Who won?


PixieGaf said...

Happy Valentines Day Bird!

Reality shows are so brutal I never feel right watching them.

LA said...

The winner was this guy named Lukas Rossi. It was pretty obvious they picked from early on.

Happy Valentine's Day, birdy!